Allergies: A Holistic Approach with Allergy Easy

AllergyEasy is the no shot solution to seasonal allergies!


This is a unique, all inclusive sublingual immunotherapy program. Instead of 2-3 allergy shots given weekly at your doctor’s office, you can now have a more pleasant therapy that can be done in the comfort of your own home, or can even be taken easily when you travel. Allergy Easy is taken under the tongue!


This homeopathic allergy treatment medicine contains a blend of all of the top allergens, so you have a broad range of coverage, and the further you get into the program, the higher the concentration of the allergens are introduced to your immune system through the sublingual drops. The body starts to recognize this substance as not harmful, and does not flood the body with a chemical (histamine) reaction. Allergy Easy retrains your immune system not to react!


Some patients can achieve an actual cure with the Allergy Easy treatment. After stopping the serum two to four years down the line, you might not have a recurrence of symptoms. If symptoms do return, an abbreviated program is recommended.


If you are sick of seasonal allergies, call the office today for your appointment!



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