Breakthrough Medicine offers a full range of health care services.  As a licensed primary care physician, Dr. Sina can address most every aspect of family medicine.



  Female Health Program:

We offer a natural approach to women’s wellness.WellnessGiving women a choice is Dr. Sina’s motto. We offer an affordable physical exam which includes breast and gynecologic checkups. Dr. Sina can treat conditions such as irreqular period, vaginal infection, painful menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and other issues. We also specialize in offering custom compounded bio-identical hormone replacement, or can work with hormonal issues strictly using nutrient and herbal solutions.

Male Health Program:

By the age of thirty, men begin to dramatically have less testosterone production. Andropause3Because of life style and environmental burden, estrogen levels can rise, leading to hormonal imbalances. Circulatory problems as well as low hormones may cause erectile dysfunction, back injuries, cardiac weakness, memory problems, depression, and fatigue. Our program is designed to evaluate the prostate gland, heart health, and hormone status using both physical exam and laboratory testing. We then customize a program based on your specific health goals.


Allergy Easy is a unique, all inclusive sublingual immunotherapy program, making it theAllergyEasy no shot solution to allergy treatment. A special formula containing a microscopic amount of the allergens is taken under the tongue and introduced to your immune system.  Over time the body starts to recognize this substance as not harmful and does not flood the body with a chemical–i.e. allergic–reaction. The dose is gradually increased on the program, thus retraining the immune system not to react. Some patients can actually be cured of their allergies using the Allergy Easy program. There are no long term studies yet to show how long symptoms are abated, but after the completion of the program you may not have a recurrence of symptoms.Click here to watch a short video on Allergy Easy.


Testimony from one of our patients:

“I have been on allergy easy sublingual drops since 2011.  My experience with this Comprehensive Blend has been fantastic.  I have had terrible allergies all my life and I finally can live again without a stuffy nose, sneezing, nausea, and just feeling sick all the time.  I would highly recommend the drops to anyone who wants to wipe out their allergies and live a normal happy life without injections…just two drops under the tongue every a.m. It truly is amazing.” – Jan


  Heart Health Program:

Heart disease, hypertension, heart attacks, and strokes are just some of the leadingheart-stethoscope causes of death and chronic debilitative states. Our Heart Health Evaluation includes:  history (including family) physical, special cardiac blood work, EKG, and a calcium score. Our evaluation is geared to screen for early signs of disease, as we target pathways that increase risk of poor heart health. We will design a program that best fits your history and goals.

Nutritional Assessment:

We offer a Comprehensive Nutritional Screening through Spectrocell Laboratories. HealthThis advanced testing will look at actual nutritional deficiencies and antioxidant status.  Current supplements and medications are reviewed based on your test results, and you will receive recommendations on diet and supplementation.  We also offer Food Toxicity Panels through ImmunoLabs or Alcat to check not just for allergens, but for foods that may be toxic to your body and are often the culprit of ill-health and weight gain.

Breast Cancer Prevention:

Our Breast Cancer Prevention Program is designed to reduce the risk of breast cancer breast cancerand implement strategies to improve estrogen metabolism through detoxification and nutrient support. We recommend specialty testing not normally performed in traditional medical offices: Thermal Imaging, urinary estrogen metabolism, and Vitamin D testing.

GI Health Program:

Our GI (gastrointestinal) Health Program is designed to promote healthy digestion and elimination. Healthy bowel transit is essential to reduce the risk of cancers. We treat such conditions as IBS, constipation, chronic diarrhea, heartburn, and Chrohns Disease. Our testing may include Candida Assessment, Hydrochloric Acid Challenge Test, Food Allergy Testing (see Nutritional Assessment section for more information regarding food allergy/toxicity testing).


Thyroid and Adrenal Balancing:

Fatigue is a common symptom seen in a doctor’s office. There are 5 major reasons for fatigue:  adrenal insufficiency, thyroid insufficiency, mitochondrial insufficiency, chronic infection, and toxicity. We approach this issue by taking a look at your personal and family history, physical exam, and laboratory blood testing. Our program targets key hormones, detoxification, and nutrient pathways to help increase core energy.


Bone Health Program:

Important for both men and women, our Bone Health Program is designed to reduce your risk of bone loss which can lead to fractures. Our program provides strategies to help rebuild and strengthen bone density. Testing is done by a Bone Density Screening and Urinary Bone Resorption Test (pre and post program for comparison and evaluation).  Based on your history and lab results you may be recommended to have nutrient support, specific exercises, hormone support, supplements, or medication, or any variation of these.



Weight Loss Featuring Sexy Forever and HCG Diet:

Today more than 60% of all Americans are overweight.  Obesity will increase your riskHCG Diet of diabetes, heart disease, and a multitude of other health complications.  Our doctor-directed program is based on years of experience and Suzanne Somers’ book, Sexy Forever.  By creating a customized healthy eating plan, detoxing the body, balancing hormones, and implementing a healthy exercise program with support classes, your customized Sexy Forever program will help you reach your weight loss goals, the healthy way.Our excluse HCG program is a great option for those looking to lose weight fast–up to a pound a day–and detox the body while supporting its many nutritional needs for optimal weight loss. We use the highest grade HCG compounds available on the market, which is not available to the many website businesses promoting the HCG drops.  We have three easy options for HCG, all of which have proven highly successful for most patients:  injections, sublingual, and a low-cost homeopathic HCG.  Depending on your weight loss goals, one of these options could be right for you.  ***(See HCG article for more information)***






Integrative Pain Management

Our integrative medicine philosophy combines traditional medications for pain with Neck Painnatural remedies such as homeopathy, targeted nutrient therapy, nutritional assessment and supplementation. Pain may be due to inflammation, autoimmune processes, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, and more; our naturopathic philosophy addresses the root cause of pain and our programs facilitate the body’s resilient ability to heal itself.



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